China Silk Road Guide is a experienced Silk Road Tour Operator Tour Company based in Urumqi Xinjiang province in China to organize China Silk Road Package tours and Silk Road Adventure tours and China self drive tour. We specialize in special,cultral tours and We also have many guides who can speak good German and french,russian.,ect

xinjiang tour turpan flaming mountains

2,North Xinjiang silk road tour
3,Gansu Xinjiang silkroad tour 7 days
4,china silk road classic tour
5,Urumqi Xinjiang Silk Route tour
6,Urumqi Turpan Silk Road 3 days trip
7,South Xinjiang silk road tour
8,Kashgar Urumqi silk road tours
9,Northern soutnern Xinjiang tours
4,China silk road eclipse sites tour
5,9 days North Xinjiang photography trip
6,Tianshan mystery grand canyon tours
7,China Jade Silk Road 10 days Jeep tours
8,Xinjinag Silk Road Great wall tours
9,China Three Gorges travel tours
10,China animal panda tiger tours
11,China tibet 6 days trip  
12,Sichuan Tibet Nepal trekking tours
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We are one of the reputable travel agent in China that organize all kinds of silk road trip and travel tours,If you would like to see our licence i can send you email donot hasitate to send us email regarding your trip,Jason will respond your email and tailor your trip according your requirments.Beside good chinese english german and russian speaking guide we also many local Uygur guide who know well about local culture and many more.

3,China desert tour

4,China great wall tours

5,China overland tour
6,Xinjiang trekking
7,Tibet Qinghai trek
8, K2 Kunlun climbing
9,Tibet Nepal tours
10,Tibet train trek tour
11,Yunnan Tibet Overland
12 Rainbow Mount tours

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The Silk Road is called Jade Road and that was long before the Silk Road

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Silk Road Trade resources
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