Day1 Erenhot Pass entering china Eren Hot is located inner Mongolia in china. It is one of the      biggest pass in china.he day you enter china we will go and see how far we can go. Probably we      will stay in jining 331 km THE ROAD NUMBER SHOUlD BE 208.because     this day you will      need to get your paper and have your car checked so we cannot go far.
Day2 drive to Taiyuan 439 kilometers. Taiyuan to Xian we take road 108
Day3 Taiyuan to Houma 356 Kilometers
Day4 Houma to Xian 366 kilometers
Day5 Xian to Guangyuan 567 kilometers
Day 6 Guangyuan to Chengdu 346 kilometers
Day7 chengdu rest
Day 8 Chengdu to Bijie 500 kilometers we take the road no 321
Day 9 we take 326 road to Qujing 479 kilometers not highway but road with many bending many       cars and trucks. Road surface is pretty good but more traffic as well.
Day 10 Qujing to Kunming 160 kilometers this day is less driving but you can rest in Kunming and         maybe to get the visa
Day11 kunming resting
Day 12 kuming to Simao 569 kilometers
Day13 drive to jinhong capital city of Xishuangbanna 289 kilometers or skip JInhong to        Mangla         (389km).
Day 14 drive to border 50 kilometers from the border.

This the routes I aranged for you. I think will have 13- 14 days on the road but we will 2 days time to organize the paper issue at the border. Dealing with customs. So the total days is 16 days is reasonable. You can calculate the days and distance and in china there are lot of traffic.


enter form Erenhot Inner Mongolia
wild elepant valley one the way to Yunnan border