Day1 Yining to Jinghe 280 kilometers, The day you should pass customs so it is probably too        late to far so 280kilometers.
Day 2 Drive to Urumqi. The place I live and our office is located at right center of city. 430        kilomters
Day3 dirve to Turpan turpan sightseeing. 200 kilometers
Day 4 morning to see several ruins then keep going to Hami 400 kilomters
Day 5 Hami to Dunhuang A unesco sites to see the Maogao caves and
Day6 Dunhuang to Jiayuguan to see the great wall, that is the end of the great wall.
Day7JIayuguan to Wuwei Nearly 500 kilometers.
Day Wuwei to Lanzhou, 300
Day9 Lanzhou to Tianshui sightseeing 360 kilometers
Day 10 Tianshui to Hanzhong
Day11 Hanzhong to Chengdu 552 kilometers good road.
Day 12 Chengdu sightseeing\
Day13 Chengdu to Bijie in Guuizhou province. If you do not have land cruiser Please do nto        take the road to Xichang That is bad road and dangerous. 550 kilometers.
Day 14 Bijie to Qujing 479 kilometers
Day15 Qujing to Kunming 150 kilometers
Day16 Kunming sightseeing
Day 17 Kunming rest
Day 18 Kunming to Yuanjing 270 kilometers.
Day 19 Yuanjing to Simao 300 kilometers.
Day 20 Simao to Jinhong 163 kilometers.
Day 21 Jinhong to 150kilometers.
Day 22 drive to border see
Day 23 probbaly you can get out of china or stay there to wait for the the paper to be done by        the custom

I am sure within 30 days you trip will be success because there are so many traffic In china and you will feel very tired. I arrange 23 days for you but actually we will apply the duration for the trip for one month.

xinjiang kazakstan border Horgos Pass
we drive to Yunnan also tiger area