This is the group from America driving their own car Land Rover to travel around Xinjiang Jade Road and Silk Road. I led the group all the way from Pakistan border to Kazakstan border. We passed the jade road from Kashgar to Hotan,the world famous white jade home town,and then passed the Yutian,another famous jade river.and then we passed the Mingfeng county then acrossed the Yaklimakan
Desert High way to Luntai. From Luntai to Turpan,the sencond lowest place in the world, the most famous town along the Silk Road. Then to Urumqi and finally to the Kazakstan border. In my opinion,this tour can be called Jade Silk Road Tour. Because the south of the Taklimankan (the south Silk Road) is called Jade Road and long before the Silk Road.Jade is the symbol of the love and has been used by ancient people since the neolithic times for many other areas.How the jade was
formed? That is of the guest had ever asked me. I think it was the love of the Heaven and Earth. Jade is the elite of the Heaven and Earth.The Silk Road is just worth nothing but Jade is priceless!! First to take the jade road to see the paradise of the earth the get on the Silk Road to bring your memory back to the real History and that is real and complete tour of Xinjiang Jade Silk Road.
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