Jade Collapsible
This is the Jade carved by Yangzou technician
and Jade is 100 percent real Xinjiang Hotan
Jade.In chinese cultural, the man should wear
the Bodhisattva because Bodhisattva is a female
the left is the Bodhisattva Guan shiyin
that will protect the man.The women should wear
the Buddha because Budhha is a man that protect women and bring lucky and happiness to
people.The right is the image of a pig. it will also bring the luck if you were born
in the year of pig.The price of the Bodhisattva is 100 usd (including air mail shipping)
The price of the Jade Pig is more expensive because the Jade quality is little better.
The Jade above is from the Hotan mountain material with good quality look white like the
fat of the sheep so it is also White Fat Sheep Jade(very famous!!). If the White Fat Sheep
Jade(The white Jade with brown skin is more expensive than the Jade from the river has no
brown skin that is because the Jade from river with brown skin must be from the river)is
from the river ,that will be very expensive.All the Jade i have is from the Hotan Jade
shop from my relative that is 1800 kilometers from Urumqi,the place where Ilive.