Yorungkash River(White Jade River)

The Yorungkash river lies in the east 4 kms away from Rotan city. This
river is one of the two branches of the river which makes up the Hotan river.Its source is southeast of the Muz Tagh (ice mountain) under the snow capped peaks of the northern Tibetan highlands. Glacier water forms the river as the snow on top of the mountains melts. The length of the Yorungkash river is 513 Kilometers. Every year from June to September it's the flood season and the river is full. Every year from October to next May, the water level is low. During this time it' s the good season for people to look for and eventually pick up jade. In history the Yorungkash river was also called the "Jade river" or "White Jade River" . The White jade and especially the world' s most famous sheep- fat colored jade with its highest grade of quality have been found here for centuries.These 2 pictures I took is the White Jade River.


Karakash River(Black Jade River)

The Karakash river is called in Chinese the "Black Jade River" . In
Uygur the word means "black river banks". It is one of the two arms of rivers which make up the Hotan river. Its source is in the Kunlun mountains near the Karakorum Peak. The total length of the river is 808 kms. Every year from June to September it is the flood season. From October to next May it is the dry season. The Karakash river is famous for the black jade known by many customers at home and abroad.


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