The good quality river white Jade is the most expensive Jade in XinjiangXinjiang urumqi Jade shop sells all kinds of Xinjiang Kunlun Hotan Jade
This is my relative's Hotan Jade shop in Urumqi. My brother lin Rong has a Jade Shop
in Hotan and He also has a branch jade shop in Urumqi. The Man at the left is Mr Lin
Rong and He is 31 years old and He was born in Hotan in the south Xinjiang
,the world famous jade home town. He is a jade dealer and He is an expert about
Hotan Jade and He also have an artistic about Jade Carving. Mr Lin rong speak very
fluent Uygur although he is Han Chinese and this is made him very easy to do business
with local Uygur people.At the below picture is the river jade with skin from Hotan.
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only the experts knows the better jade,write me,ask me,trust me,then you are lucky and happy to get better jade