ˇˇJade Bazar is wonderful sight for the tourist. There is only available on Saturday and
Sunday. the Uygur people is 97 percent in Hotan area so you can see the most people do
business is the Uygur people. My friend Lin rong who was born in Hotan and He is a Jade
experts and He owns his own Jade Shop. The Jade Bazar has expensive Jade and also cheap and
even some antique Jade. If you the people who are interesting to visit Jade Bazar . If you
want to buy the real and better price Hotan Jade. You should ask me and I will show you to
my friend Lin rong. He has a real jade shop in Hotan city and we can also visit his jade
shop. you will buy real jade with better price and quality as souvenir. Jade can ward off
the evil spirits. The Hotan people has the long life because they wear Jade and they drink
the water is called Jade Water. From the Classic Chinese Medicine book by Li shizheng
during the Qing Dynasty It is said that Jade water can moisten the skin and make people
healthy. The grass and wood will be exuberance if there is Jade in the mountains. The
people's skin will be black if one will wear and carry it all the time with the body.Hotan
area is the most longevity area in china and even in the world.A visit to Hotan, pme should
have a look at the Jade Bazar!!
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