Jade Pillow

The best Jade is Xinjiang Hotan borders the Tibet
in the deep Kunlun Mountains,which is highest
Mountain range in the world. The Hotan Jade was
formed millions of years in the deep Kunlun
Mountians. It is a life-giving gem stone that means
it has the life on it and it is not just a piece of
stone.It is a intelligential Gem Stone. Jade pillow
made of the green and brown Jade from the mountian
material and the Jade from the river is more
expensive than mountains. The white Jade is the
most expensive Jade but the white Jade from the
river is even more expensive than the white Jade
from the mountians and if feel it you will see the
difference. The better quality white fat sheep Jade
from the river usually with brown skin is the most
expentive and it is priceless things in chinese cultural.This Jade Pillow is made of
the Green and Brown Jade from the mountain material but they all have same functuion to
help people's health to cure the illness such as neurasthenic and nightmare and
hypertension.It is suitable for everyone who even do not have disease and especially good
in summer you will feel cool on the hottest time of the year and you will never have the
nightmare!It is still mystery why the Jade can get rid of the evil away . i think that is
because it is has the life on this wonderful Gem the god had given us!! The jade will
communicate with you even when you are sleeping! This Jade pillow is not expensive and
Jade is from HotanMy relative has a Jade shop in Hotan so I can offer you better price for
50 usd including air shipping charge. Please notice the Jade is made of the green and
brown Jade or White and Brown Jade mountain material.
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