Let Dick Hyman take you on a thrilling musical journey to 52nd St, the Cotton Club, Carnegie Hall, Chicago, Kansas City, a Ragtime Saloon, New Orleans' Storyville and other legendary jazz night spots! Years in the making, this outstanding CD-ROM is a complete and informative history of jazz piano, led by the masterful Dick Hyman, a virtuoso unparalleled in his versatility. Recorded by Hyman himself on a Disklavier in his Florida studio are 103 historically important songs that highlight the diverse styles of 60 of the most influential pianists of the last 100 years, such as Count Basie, Bix Beiderbecke, Eubie Blake, Dave Brubeck, Nat Cole, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Art Tatum, McCoy Tyner, Fats Waller, and dozens more! This terrific reference tool includes extensive commentary and recollections by Hyman and some of the artists to whom he pays tribute, biographies, and extensive discographies of the original recordings recreated here.

The Home Version includes one CD-ROM.

The Pro version includes two disks and features over 90 minutes of instrucational video, with nine complete lessons, printable scores, a MIDI studio with all of the qualities of a “virtual player piano,” and more! Minimum System Requirements: 12 MB RAM • Windows 95/98, XP • Mac OS 7.5/8. Sorry, this is NOT Vista or Mac 10 compatible.

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