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caves is located in the canyon of flaming mountians

murals and paintings in the caves.

turpan Tuyuq buddha caves on the cliffs


1 WuTaishan Mountains
WuTaishan Mountains, which is the field where Wenshu Bodhisat-tra practised Buddhism, is the first for four prominent mountains of Buddhism of China. After Dafu Spiritual Vulture Temple was initially built, rulers of following dynasties copied it consequently. Emperors and Empresses have worshiped Buddhas, the persons have asored Buddhist monks and visits to the plave have been continuing. Having more than 360temples, it reached its highest wonderful state. At present there are 49Buddism tomples, 370f which are inside Wu -Taishan Mountains, re-mained entirely inside and outside WuTai shan Mountains, The most re-markable are Xiantong Temple, Tayuan Temple, Buddhist Ikol Crown Temple, Dailuo Temple, Wanfo Dawilion, PuhuaTemple, Shuxiang Temple and so forth. Built in various periods, these temples have their own respective characteristics in style of construe ture arid function etc, Some are fa-mous for their long ages, some are known for their unique build, and others are celebrated for their coloured statues and mural paintings, The attractron of WuTaishan Mourtains is interwoven by the atmosphere of poets, pictures and myths, It attacts thousands of tourists to come.


3 Brief Introduction of the MT. Hengshan
The Hengshan Mountain is equally famous with the Mt , Hengshan in Nan Yue, Mt Taishan in Dong Yue, Mt Hushan in Xi Yue, anMt. Sonqshan in Zhong Yue. The mountain, which calle" the most splendid site in the world, the place to be scrambled for in the history, "There are 108peaks in all which ranges hundreds of li, TianFengLing peak on the east of the summit and cui ping peak on the west are standing face to face.
The Hengshan scenery spot is one of the cultural relics under the protection of the state. 4 The Hanging Fevnple
Located on the cliff of the canoyn between Tian FengLing peak and Cui PingPeak and 5kilom etres away to the HunYuan County Town, the Hanging Temple was firstly built on the later stage of the Northern WeiDynasty with a history of 1400years In the temple there are 40halls existed. The temple is 26metres high from the bottom of the canyon , the highest is about 50metres, with the columns inserting into the rock ans supporting the whole temple, there are 78 Buddha statues made of brass, iron, stone and mud in the hall. It is the world -famous suspending construction.
The reservionr named Henghan was constructed by the suspending temple. Inside the reservior there are Ahhot cawes, Li mu Ancestral Hall and propylaea, etc, The view is very wanderful.


5 YingXian Wooden Tower
The tower in YingCounty is one of the oldest and tallest wood -structured building which is existed, It was built in QingNing and, Liao Dynasty and is stiuasfe after eight serious earthquakes.
It has 67. 31metres high, 30. 27meters at the bottom. It has five floors and six eaveses. At the bottom of the lower there three are pillars. between them are invisible layers, and
whose pillars of visible floors are all erected on the frames of beams of its outer pillars on under layer and were gathered in to the centre of the tower about half of the diameter of the pillar. so those pillars made up very exquisite curves which gather and separate.
And the tower was proclaimed as the main preserved ancient build-ing of the countuy by State Council in 1961. 6

HuKou Waterfall
HuKou Waterfall, lies in the Yellow River, to the west of Ji coun-ty45kms away, which is16kms far from Ling fens city. It is the second biggest water fall of the China There are all kinds of different mountains and hills on both sides of the bank, where the huge current of Yellow River which is kept within the narrow stone valleys, the sounds that the water made are so loud as to cross severa miles away~ the waves are rolling entered the depth, as a big water pot boiling.
The wideth of the waterfall changes with the season, it is always 30meters or so, when the flood cames, it can extend to about 50 metres, the drop is around 20metres on July 1st 1997, ke shou lia flide across the Hu Kou waterfau by driving a car.


7 Pinyao Ancient City
Pinyao located in the middle part of SharrXi, Which is the most well protecting ancient city' in China. It is said that this place was the fend of Di and Yao, Which also called "Go Tao'lhisorically. PinYao was developed step by step during the times of XiZhouXuan emperor to de-fend the ememy, The main streets are cross style. Shops stand on both sides of the street. Dwellings are in the small alley Goverment. after temple, temple is designed in the fixed place, according to the acient Feudal tradition; 3997 siheyuan were pisered in this acient city, most of which have 100history or so . Among of them, 400 places were pro-tected well. PinYao acient city was issued "The heredity of world cul-ture"by the U. N. E. SO in December 1997.


8 Jin Memorial Temple
Jin Memorial Temple lies in the Xuan Weng Mountain which is 25Lilometers away from the southwest of the Taiyuan city. There are widing streams and mountains all round with acient tree to the sky. buildinys all Periodsdotting, it is a historical resort which combined the nature and artifial buildings, it was announced the important wnit of Cwltural protection, in1961 "Zhou Cypress Song dynasty figures Nan lao Spring" are known The Three wonder of Jin Temple. Today' s building groups of the Jin Ancestral Temple. which centered by Madonna Temple, though forming in defferdnt Periods, obeying a kind of ingenious design closed in ar-rangement and switable in composition, were praised"Excellent place in Shanxi"


9 The Big Chinese Schoolartree
The BigChinese scholartree of Hong tong lies atthe west side of Jia Village, which is to the north of the town about 2miles away, It's the place to memorize the ancient immigrants of our country. It's said the old Chinese scholartree was planted in Han Dynasty, which already fad-ed away to die, then the new one was planted and growing very well, now height to 13meters. Beside the tree there is a tablet pavilion being set up in 1911, on the front of it 5Chinese characters in Han style of cal-ligraphy were engraved, meaning "the place of old/ancient big Chinese scholartree" ;on the back of it was an inscription, describing the events of immigrants in bief. Near the tree there is scripture building, as ahis-torical evidence of immigrants. The ruins have been opened up to the Big Chinese Scholartree Park, the big Chinese scholartree is the spot for the oversea Chinese to look for their ancestors


10 Double -Forest Temple-
The Double -Forest Temple, called Zhongdu Temple during an-cient ages lies to the Qiao too village which is six kiometers away from the Pinyao city. It was first built in North Qi Dynasty, on a grand scale and was destroyed during fighting. In sony Dynasty it was revamped. The scale and building statues which were kept now were built in Ming Dynasty. The whole temple has a floor space of 6860. 59. m, including ten temple buildlings in total. In the temple, the meditation rooms are in the east, the temple buildings are in the west. There is an observation tower outside the temple door. It is famous for its elegant sculptures which hang in the air. In addition the FreeBud-dhismGuanyin is concerned greatly for its special modelling. There are thousands of exquisite cdoured sculptures of Ming Dy-nasty noticed by people.


11 The Yand of Qiao Family
The Yard of Qiao family is also clued QicityCustom museum, Which located in Qiao Jia Bao countryside, Qicity, in middle part of Shanxi, It is one of famours custom museams in China"A rare pearl in the history of ewelling constarction in northern part of China, Qiao Jia Baa is constracted on the base of the Qiaozhiyong' s old yard. Qiao is one of the figmative business capatalist, By collecting the demonstra-tions Which represent the traditional Custone of JinZhong and Han ethi-cal custom, It is also the exten' or of film"Resing the Red Lantern"The yard of Qiao family. Occupied 8724. 8m2 areas constuction areas are about 3870 m2and 19yards, dwellings 313 rooms. All the desgns are in-gmious. It is arranged like a "Double Happiness" from its plane. Also the 140 chimeneys are different style with each other. It reflects the high level constwcting skills of acient peopls. "


12 Wang Family Mansion
Wang Family Mansion, Located in the northern heart tableland of Jingsheng Villaye, Lingshi County, with a sunny exposure,occuping a commanding position, the field of vision as far as you can see. architexc-ture broad in wide. plaseic arts wnique in style. belonying to one of the famous rnawsion in SanXi. The main distinctive of mansion is "the three engrave"is superb artistic carving. It has been well received by personal-ities of various circles.
The mansion, mixing painting writing poetry blending figures birds and beasts flowers and trees. Cao Fanmily Mansion posure in difference shape in variows. in honow of a bright pearl in the folk art and li teten circles
Tt s located in Beiguang Villaye, Taigu County. another names"the tree hall"handy Fu(luck)Shou(longenty)Zi(descendant)The feature of building are" tower rnaynificance simplicity" with a southern exposure. The longth of south -north is ninety -eight metres the width of east --west is sixty -six metres. taking up 6468 square metres. The whole ar chitectare assumes the character"shou clouyeriey" ;consisting of south-ern and northern part. There are three passage yard in row from east to west. The style of architecture mixed the that of folk meanwhile absord-ed architeceural culare of Ewropean.


15 Yan Xishan ' s Former Residemce, YanXishan' s former resi-dence is located in He Bian Village 22kilometres far from the Norheast of DingXiangCounty. It has now' 18courtyards, 575houses and occupies a land of 38. 000 sq. m. YanXishan former residence is a grand building, protected by high walls. Having turend which lead to outside the vil-lage, it is just like a feudal castle. As a buileing modelled after an antique in early MingGuo period, it has certain profound historical value.


18 Jie County Guandi Temple
The. temple which used to commorate Guanyu is important national unit of protecting historical object located in the west of lie county, Xucheng city..lie county is ancestral home of Guanyu General, who, firstly sevres for Sichuan nation later Han Dynasty during the triple na¡ 8¤ ¡ 8¤  tions. so this temple is famous for. builtin early year of kaiyuan9th. (589AD) during suidynaty, rebuilt in the year of Xiang fu7th. during Sony Dynasty. built -up area exterals150thousand square metre. the whole consist'of southern part and northen part. "Rare confucius loft"is the tallest of all. around 30Inetres high in which the sculpture of Guanyu General is reading annals. Spring -Autumn period, very lifelike and vividly


23 Wu Zetian Temple
Wu Zetian Temple is located in the south of the village called BeiX-u, in Wenshui County. the statue named" Ze tian Godness" was built in her hometown ----Wen shui county. The old temple is not in large scale and conclucls three main halls, just like the structure of Fo Guan 'Temple in Wu Tai Mountain. The statue stnded in the center of halls. she sits in the shrine,.wears Golden phoenix Coronet and colourful rosy cloud, embraces the onamental scepter. she has broad brow and fore head and presents the implicit expression, It seems that she is enjoying the life with the subject. In the front of the statue, you can see the inscription made by national honorary chairper son --Song Qing ling"Wu Zetiam is the only empress in chinese history, the state woman in feudal time" . This becomes the special new sight and is very favorable. The whole temple adopted the way of in creasing pillars. so it is very wide and comfortable. The top just out of the eawe a bit. The whole building is the tyle of Tamg Dynasty.


25 Da zhai
Da zhai, a mountain villege of xiyang county, Iingzhong area. is oc-cupied 2.6 square kilometres. There are 145 families with the population of 534. Before liberation the living standard here was really terrible. Great change has been taken place after the founding of the P. R. CHI-NA. In 1964Chairman Mao called on "learn from Dazhai in Agricul-ture" . Under the reforming and opening policy the people in Dazhai are building a New -styde countrgside.
26 Huang Ya Cave
Huang Ya Cave is far away from the north of Li Chen County. It is named because the cave seemingly hangs above the precipice highly. The cave is about 20 metres in the height and width, 60metres in the depth. The only way to enter the mountain is Weng Ge Lony, The cliff is thou-sands of feet on either side. Both of the peak stand falling each other. If you look up. you can see the blue sky. There is also other former sites which was rebuilt, such as the cemetary of revolutionary martyrs, exini-bition center, arsend. Ten thousand of fourists visit here every year.


27 The Residents of Prime Minister Pei
The Residents of Prime Minister Pei is also called Pei Ancestral Temple, which is located in Peibo countryside, Liyuan town, Wenxi country. Pei Family was one of the properous families in Shanxi. Be-tween Han and Tang dynasties, from the Family came many distin-guished peple, amomg whom there were 59prime ministers and almost 100persons in charge of defence ministry. The famous geographist, Pei Xiu,. historist Pei Songzhi were both excellent representatives of PeiFamily. The Ancestral Temple was built. in Zhen wuan period of Tangdynasty, and later suffered seversl wars. Now, it remains only some stela, which are the precious materials for the study of the history of Pei Family and ancient handwriting art. Nowdays, the local g?verment has rebuilt yards and ancester room for exibitions there.


28 Li Mountain Li Mountain is reputed natural park because of natural protective area and primeval forest. Strange peaks and abnormally cave are shining with blue mountain and green stream each other. There are other five \1-niques. Strange aummits, peculiar stones, green gully, Cave and ice cur-tain. The scene is wonderful. When you look' down the mowntain. The peak and cliff are straightly high and beautiful; the trees reach into sky. When you visit here, just as man walded in the picture .'There are seven travelling areas, more than one hundred four points, and kinds of precius birds and beasts, more than one hundred four points, and kinds of. pre-cious birds and beasts. The center of the four area; Xia chuan country (village) is cool and temprate with an euevation of 1515metres and mild climate. It is worthy of being name the ideal interest of place.


29 Pang Quan ravine
National scenary area located in the LuLiang mountain. North -western in j iao chen county. It is the National natural concervation and mainforests are a in Shanxi. The Main mountain is 2830miles high, With high moutans and lurid forests, there are also the rare poultry in " our country --the first rare animal HeMal Besideit, There are also" a-cient pine and treasury temple" , "auspiciows at mosphere offairy door" Pen -surpporter Emanation of literatme and later green" . Enough rain -fall, comfortable climate. It is good place to visit. 30 Lu Ya Moutain Natural Tourism Area Lu Ya moutain natural to urism area located in the Xi Ma Fang contuyside. in Nin Wu. The major of the Guan Qin mountain. 320. OOOhectares. The things which need to concerne are fallen -leaves pines and dragon sprace, etc. supporing forests. The main birds and bensts are HeMaji and black crane. There 148kinds of birds, 36kinds of beasts, 136kinds of creatures. It depends on it's speical forests characteristics and rare animals attract more and more tourists. There are also" thousand years fieldfire, million years ice crave , ec-cewtric stone that surpporting the pot"the fourtain head of Fen river, a plank road with suspending coffins.