Hello this tour can be called Northern Pastureland silk road tours. There is not so much cultral relics for you tosee but there aremany nature things you can see and you can do it

Day 01 18/ tentative) Accommodation: Urumqi

Day 02 Urumqi City Accommodation.: Urumqi Red-hill Park (Permian purple sandstone with fish and bird fossils found) Xinjiang Geological Museum South Gate Mosque (Uyghur Mosque) Urumqi Provincial Museum Er Dao Qiao Market international grand Bazar with night show
Day 03 Urumqi/ Qitai Accommodation: Qitai ,Petrified wood forest ,Dinosaurs hill Mine visit Selective dinner

Day 04 Qitai /Fuyun.Accommodation: Fuyun Red-beds ,Wind-formed erosion features Wild horse, wild donkey, wind worn stone (three-faceted stone), etc.



D05 Fuyun ./ Burqin Accommodation: Burqin Keketuohai National Geological Park
the Irysh river -the only one in China flows northward to Arctic Ocean
Magic Bell hill Hemu village.

Day 06 Kanas Lake Accommodation: local lodge ,Kanas Lake: metamorphic rocks such as schist, phyllite…etc; dead trees along the shore Altay mountain, Sino-soviet and Sino-Mongolian borders Mongolian tribe

Day 07Kanas ./Karamay Accommodation: Karamay Burqin river, colourful sediments along beach Juggar basin – Ghost town (erosion and weathering, the Yardan landform)

Day 08 Burqin ./Kanas Accommodation: local lodge

Day 09 Karamay . /Kuitun.(new industrial city) Accommodation : Kuitun
Visit petroleum extraction (well no. 1) Black oil hill ,Mud volcano
Selective dinner

Day 10 Kuitun /Yining Accommodation: Yining ,Sayram Lake (Salt lake)
,Fruit valley ,China/Kazak boundary Selective dinner

Day 11 Yining ./Nalati Accommodation: Nalati Kalajun Kazak Mongolian yurt

Day 12 Nalati /Bayanbulak Accommodation: Bayanbulak .Nalati Grassland ,Gonasi Grassland

Day 13 Bayanbulak /Baluntay /Urumqi Accommodation: Urumqi ,the Geographic Center of Asian Continent ,Glacier No.1 (4Ma)
Day 14 Urumqi ./Turfan Accommodation: Turfan Wind farm ,Grape Valley
The Karez, ,The Flaming Mountain ,The Emin Minaret (Su Gong Minaret)
The Tuyugou Canyon Selective Dinner

Day 15 Turfan./Urumqi Accommodation: Urumqi The Ruins of Jiaohe ancient city
Baizeklik Thousand Buddha Caves Andingkol Lake (the lowest altitude in China; it ranks second in the world, after the Dead Sea) Night market Selective Dinner

Day 16 Urumqi . fly back home

1,Xinjiang would be very hot and dry in July, while still be cold (cool?) in high mountains and lake areas. Please be prepared for these extreme weather conditions.

2, You are advised to take many sets of clothes with you, since we change hotels almost everyday. There will be no chance to wash clothes.