Now I am Jason who is working for one of the biggest Xinjiang travel service in China Xinjiang Silk Road China. we can organize Silk Road China Self Drive Tour ,You can drive your car legally of we do the procedure for you.! You can drive your own car or Jeep in China Silk Road. Last year December 23,I went to the Yili Horgos Pass to meet my group who drive their own car in china. Their car is Landover jeep car.Look at the picture below the mountains gap at the left is Kazakstan and at the right that is China.There are many shops at the
border area. They sell russian telescope,army knife,ect....the price is pretty
cheap there if you bargain My Guest is from Dublin and China is their 9th country
have ever driven. Their destination is to go to Sydney. My mission is to meet
them at the border then send them out to Laos. So we have to Pass Urumqi,Turpan,Hami.Liuyuan,Zhangye,Lanzhou,Tianshui,Hanzhong,Chengdu,Kunming,Kunming is the Capital of Yunnan province and borders Laos and This Road is also called Southwest Silk Road. They will continue to Thailand,and finally to Sydney. The picture I took with my guest was at border of laos.I would like to share travel experience about China with you Please Click Here and see some Pics and Diary,You can see more picture about south Silk Road China.If you want to have China Silk Road self drive please write me I will response you right away!If you want to drive your own car You must ask permission form the goverment and we can do the permission for you! I am now a tour operator and tour guide who can arrange all the trip like this! We can have all The documents to be done. The Red car at the below is BMW 318 I took this picture
with my guest at the border of Loas, The Mohan Pass,where you can easily go to Loas
and Tailand.At that time , The Mohan is the spring all year round but the Xinjiang
where I live is still in winter time!
The left picture is another gourp who drive their car entry to china from Kirgizstan border near Kashgar area of Xinjiang. They were using the landover to drive here. It is better to use landover jeep to china in China because some parts of the area in chna can be very difficult to drive because of the bad road condition. As China is the mountainous country so that jeep with 4 wheel drive is necassary in china. If you want to drive aross china, we will need 3 month earlier to have the dcument done as there are many deprtment related to this process.