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tour guide A;een who can speak good english and russian

silk road adventure toru guide aleen

Hello I have noticed someone who copied my web-site. I will put more about our guide picture so that you can distinguish who is the real guide here. My web site mainly target at our guide and guide information along the silk road . If you found somewhere similar to my sie Please pay attention to it. My site Our most valuable resources’ is our living guide . The one who copied my web site thought the content of my web site is valuable. The most valuable resources is our living guide. In this page i will put more guide and private driver for you to choose so that you campare who is the best driver and guide in our guide. If you are tour operator i suggest that you donot always find fixed parterns to do business. To save money perhaps to fidn a fixed part is better. to find the best service you will always to find something new!!

. Jason is the one who hates who only want to steal the fruits of other people. Although we are not pro to make better web site but we we will continue to offer you sth new and special here. Here is one of our fatanstic guide.
Allen has been a English tour guide for almost 8 years. and He also speaks good russian and He can be your local tour guide in Urumqi Xinjiang silk road china area. and He also can be russian interpreters if you come to Urumqi city for shopping and tours in the city. He has been travelling extensively in Xinjiang China even Tibet and Nepal. He has more knowledage to be good interpreter than a tour guide.As a good tour guide He can also show you the intersting places and most beautiful places in Xinajing He knows well about Xinjiang silk road ruins and local folk custom.He is experts on Xinjiang desert tours and mountains climbing and trekking and hiking for Xinjiang adventures and silk road adventures.He graduated from Xinjiang university english major in 1998. He has finished russian course in Xinjiang univerisity as second major in 2006.He has so much experience in treeking and hiking and mountaineering,for example He went to tibet in 2009 to explore with guest who drive their own vehicle to china. He also went to Muztagata near Tasjkrgan pakistan border area as guide to supply and logistic service for german guest who climbed Muztagata in 2004.more silk road adventure guide and interpretors will be added here.