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Mount everest

tibet and nepal tours

highest peaks in tyhe world



Mount Everest 8848metersEverst Mt., The highest mountain of the world which is towering8848. meters in the middle section of the Himalaya
Kathmandu Valley - The three biggest cities of Nepal lies in this
valley which are Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - still bear
witness to their days as fiercely competitive medieval mini-
kingdoms. Both sides of Himalaya Range,The wonderful part of this tripis to see the different faces of the Himalaya Range: on the north side, the ever-stretching snow mountains and atrocious weathermake it an inhospitable land. While the south side of the Himalayaembraces luxurious shades of green, with waterfalls and cascades flushing almost everywhere. You can do nothing but marvel at this Mother Nature's masterpiece.

Day1: S hanghai-C he ngdu-Lhasa. Morn ing fligh t to Chengd u,
transfer to Lhasa in the afternoon. Th e gu ide will meet yo u at
Konggar Ai rport, and transfer you to Lhasa city. After arrive in
Lhasa, rest and acc limatize. Ove rnight in 3 ' Hotel

Day2: Lhasa . Toda y wi ll sightsee ing .cardinal landmark -Pot la
Palace. Th e most revered re ligiou s structure in Tibe t -Jokhang Temple.
The quadr ng le o f streets surro unding the' Jokha ng is the Barkh or Lhasa's
most interesting pilgrimage circuit. This area of the Old
Town is both the spiritual heart o f Lhasa and the ma n commercial district for Tibetans. Overni ght in 3' Hotel (B )

Day3 : Lhasa. About 8km west of centra l Lhasa is the Drepung,
once world's largest monastery with about 10,000 monk s. Drepung
is one of Lhasa's two greatt Ge lugpa monasteries, the other is Sera .
Aro und 5km north o f central Lhasa, Ove ight in 3' Hotel (B)

Day4: Lhasa-Dag Chuka-Shigatse . 2hrs drive to Yangb ajin ,a hot
spring which were used by industry. Pass by Dag C huka. On the
way you wi ll see the scenery of Yalongza nggbu River. 6 hrs drive to
Shigatse.Over night in 3' Hotel(ll )

Day5: Shigatse. Today you will visit the Tashlunpo Mon astery-th e
seat of Panchan Lama. Just close Tashilhunpo is the Old Town of
Sh igatse, a great place to wander around : Tibetan houses and
interesting market and bazaarr give you a vivid picture of local
peopl e's life. Ovem ight in 3' Hotel. (B)

Day6: Shigatse-S hegar, Drive to Shegar, also known as New Tingri,
is the last stop before Everest Base Cam p. Overnight in
Quomolangrna Hotel ( l -sta r) (B)

Day7 : Shega r-Base Camp. Although it's just I00km from Shegar
to Base Ca mp(S200m) , it take s about 4 hour s since the cracked
winding roads demand much caution. Overnight in Rongphu
Monastery guesthouse (B)

Day8 : Base Camp-Tingri-Zhangmud. This day's experience is
somewhat incredible. Leaving Base Camp to Tingri takes about 5
hour s on the bumpy and dusty road s. Zhangrnu is a bustling border
town , also a fasc inating mix of population , buildings, stores
etc.Overn ight in Zhangrnu Hotel or same' level.(2-star) (B )

Day9: Zhangm u-Kathmandu, In the morning. our guide will help
you clear the customs and transfer you to the Friendship Bridge at the
border. You need cross the Bridge by yourself, and get to Nepalese
side. Our Nepalese guide will pick you up there. And transfer to
Kathum andu Overnight in Kathm andu 4' hotel. (B)

Day10 : Kathmandu-Shanghai . In the morning go to Bhaktapur the
most medieval-look town in Kathmandu valley, and visit its
Durba r Square . In the afternoon , free in Thamel, tourists' favorite
shopping area. Farewell dinner, Nepalese style with folk dance show.
Then transfe r to the airport, take midnight flight back to Shanghai.
Around 7:30am the next day you'll arrive in Shanghai. (B)