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turfan Jioahe ruins unesco sites

Turpan Tuyuq valley earliest buddhacaves in Turpan arae.

heavenly lake 180 kilometers from Urumqi city

Hello Dear visitors
What is the place in the world that in one day you can see mountains that rise out of the ground to reach the sky over 5000 meters and the place that is 150 meters below the sea level within one day? The answer is Urumqi xinjiang Turpan Silk Road China. If you are the one who want to have better trip to Silk Road Urumqi Turfan Xinjiang, also you are the one who has not much time to explore the ancient silk road xinjiang parts. This trip will be your best options when you want to visit the western part of china. Within 2-3days you will have a basic impression about ancient silk road.

2-3days or 4days Trip Urumqi xinjiang silk road tours: Urumqi-Tianchi (Heavenly Lake)-Urumqi

Day 1 you take a air and train to arrive in Urumqi, Our head office is just at the center of the Urumqi city. We will dispatch a experienced guide to escort you to the hotel. You may have free activity or oyu have other options.

Day 2 Drive to Tianchi (Heavenly Lake), a marvelous view of mountain lake formed more than million years ago in the 4th glacial epoch. It is famed as the "Jewel in the Crown". The pine trees covering the hillsides and the snow capped mountains in the background make the huge clear water spectacular sight-reminiscent of Switzerland or the Rocky mountains but somehow with more vibrancy and color. Bogda Peak-the highest peak stands to the east of the lake in the east part of Tianshan Mountain which is capped by glacier and snow glistening in the sun, finely contrasted with blue lake water, forming fabulous scenery. stay overnight at the Kazak Yurt. You will only pay for 120 rmb to rent whole yurts to saty in the lake.

Day 3 Urumqi to Turfan Our excellent English or German and Russian speaking guides who have fantastic language abilities and driver who is going to meet you at your hotel and also driver has more than 20 years experience as tourism driver so you are in the safe hand. then drive to Turpan on the first class highway for about 2.5 hour. Once you arrive in Turpan first check into the hotel, then we start our wonderful day in Turpan beginning with a visit the ancient city of Gaochang. The city was first built in the first Century BC and later became capital of the Gaochang Uighur Kingdom in the 8th Century. You can take a donkey cart to visit the site if you like. We'll stop in the city for about 40 minutes and then drive to Karakhoja Astana tombs, a Tang-dynasty burial ground which also known as the "Underground Museum". Astana means "capital" in the Uighur language and Karakhoja is the name of a legendary hero of the ancient Uighur Kingdom who subdued a vicious dragon.

Next, we keep going to Toyuq village, an old, beautiful and timeless village with a friendly Uighur community. Here we visit several local families and eat lunch with a local family in their home. This secluded area of Turpan can be very interesting place to see the meditation Buddha caves for the monks in the ancient times. The place is definitely unique area because this is the holy place both for the Muslim community and also for Buddhist. The history of the Buddhism can be dated back to nearly 2000 years ago. There is almost not many tourist to go here because this palce is more far away from the city area. So the earliest thousand Buddha caves can be found at this mystery Tuyuq valley. After lunch we visit Bizeklik Thousand Buddha caves which used to be an important center for Buddhist worship under the Xizhou Huigu government of the (Gaochang) Kingdom. This Buddha caves has more tourists than Tuyuq thousand Buddha caves. It is also very interesting place to see the scenery of the nature of the world famous flaming mountains. There is very famous magic story behind these mountains by Ming dynasty author called Wuchengewn who worte book called Journey to the West. You buy this book from the internet to read this Chinese classic magic novel to see how author describe the mountains and monsters.

Finally, on the way back to the hotel we will stop at the Flaming Mountains which people claim are so hot and dry that "flying birds even a thousand miles away dare not to come". Later, we'll eat dinner in the Oasis hotel restaurant and the round the day off with an atmospheric song and dance festival in the famous grape valley.

Day 4 Turpan to Urumqi

Following a hearty western breakfast at the Hotel we start our another wonderful day in Turpan. Our special itinerary today includes sightseeing in Turpan and drive back to Urumqi after Lunch. First we visit Yargul Ancient city which is one of the best preserved ancient cities in China. The ruins of the buildings are divided into temples, civilian dwellings and government offices. Workshops and residential houses in the streets are still visible and time there is time spent in a world long disappeared.

After an hour of walking around the city area, we'll push on to see the world famous Karez irrigation system, unique to this part of the world. The system is considered as one of the three great projects in China with the other two being the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. Then visit the Emin Suliman minaret which is a magnificent combination of ancient Uighur and Islamic architecture. It is the tallest ancient pagoda in Xinjiang and the only Islamic ancient pagoda in the country. Locals call it "pure tower."

After lunch we'll leave Turpan to Urumqi