"...Grapes in Turpan has grown up; Anarhan's heart has drunk ..." This folk song of the last century is well known in China. Turpan, a place truly flowing with milk and honey in the Turki language, is famous for its fruits. Among them, grape is the most famous.Turpan also mean fertile and rich land both in Ugyur local language and Turkish language. I have also found that the Uygur language is quite in common with the Turkish langugae.

Every August the sweet air will herald the vintage. The best place to enjoy the grapes is Grape Valley Located in the Flaming Mountain 13 km (8 miles) of Turpan, the Grape Valley runs 8km (5miles) from north to south at a width of 0.5km (03.miles). This green paradise of 400 hektares (988 acres) is covered with layer upon layer of grapes.

It seems that all the water in the desert of Turpan flows into the Karez systems in the Grape Valley. Every single grape is crystal and watery-some are as green as emerald; some as red as agate, some as small as pearls while others are like olives. Among dozens of kinds of grapes, Wuhebai (white seedless) grape is reputed as a green pearl with the sugar content as much as 22%.

Escaping from the fiery Flaming Mountain, you may take a seat under the vintage frames, savor various grapes, enjoy the beautiful Uigar girls in their ornate costumes, and be fully intoxicated by this refreshing palace of grapes! Taking a walk along the grape corridor, you will find drying rooms on nearby slopes. Every year over 300 tons of raisins are made here.

Mellowness penetrates your heart as the sweetness of grapes melts in your mouth. This unique experience in the Grape Valley will leave you with an enduring memory! The percentage of the sugar contained in the grapes is more than 24 percent,making it the sweetest grapes in the world. The varities of grape can be about 600 species. but basically can be divied into three main category namely wolrd famous white seedless grape,which is the best grape to make raisins.the second is called Mare'milk Grape because it looks like mare of the female horse,and it is the best for frech eating. third one is grape that can be be use to make wine and looks red at its surface. Also there is another very special grapes called SuoSuo grape,and this is the best grape that can be use as a chinese herb and medicine to enhance the imunity and it is herb to cure the measles for the babies.

A trip whithout having to visit the Grape valley in Turpan you will be difinitely reggret.!! for health and for the long his tory of the grape in Turpan area.The history of the grape in grape valley can be dated back more than 1500 years old almost the same history as the silk road. when did people in Turpan begin to grow the grape?? Originnally thre was no any grape here. and How did people carry the grape to Turpan?? the Answer is by using of the silk road. and camel carreid seeds of the grape from western coutries travelling to the best grape gourp are Turpan. later people found that Turpan simply had such a good natural condition to grow grapes because that the day and night temperature has big diffrence. also because Turpan is one of the driest arae in the world and driest palce in china. Most importantly the water quality and soil condition all making it ideal place to grow the grape.!!