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turpan turfan grape is the best quality in the country


Purple Medic Station (Muxutai) is south of the Urumqi city in Toli village.  It is about 55 kilometer from Urumqi city. It is 2020 meters above sea level.One can easily overlook the city of Urumqi from here. It cover an area of 3 square kilometers. It is situated at grassland platform at the top of the mountains.  I t is surrounded by mountains from 3 sides. You may overlook the Bogeda peaks from there so that you can see 5445 meter snow peaks from the distance with full views. There are green grasses full of the mountains; everywhere you can see the wild flowers as well. There are also many spring in the scenic area. Sometimes you can see red deer, wild boar, marmot, and so on. Everywhere looks very attractive and primitive views. There is 3 peaks together makes here more interesting views for people who want to visit there, is the reflection to the 3 peaks of the Bogeda peaks (5545meters). Now this area has been regarded as 4 star national parks.