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urumqi pastureland

southren mountains of Urumqi

tianshan mountains

urumqi surroundings


Juhuatai in Chinese is translated English as Chrysanthemum Station or Chrysanthemum platform. As a local guide Ihave been there only for 2 times. But last I have been there is to have escorted a bird watching groups to watch bird in the mountains. The bird experts from Uk Thought it was ideal place for bird watch because the sea level of the foot of the mountains and place where we got off the car is 2500 meters above sea level. So the highest peaks around ther should more than 3000 meters about 3500 meters with the site of the ancient glacier. You climb to the higher place where you can oberlook the area you will found scenery is very eautiful and interesting and also less tourist to go there as many tourists will go to Baiyanggou valley. So this place is is ideal places for independent travel to go hiking and trekking in the mountains. It is only about 80 kilometers from Urumqi city and road is pretty good conditions. You may also see nomadic people and Kazak people to go to their home to taste their original food and the way of their life or go horse riding