The china xinjiang river green jade with phoenix

In Xinjiang, near the Tianshan Mountains and the Altay Mountains, many rock walls have been found one after another to be engraved with ancient drawings,which reflected various things that describe the various aspects of the lives of
the early nomadic tribes on the.grasslands, such as hunting, herding, exploring,fighting, dancing and worshipping gods, beasts and the sun. There were also many drawings which provided vivid images of animals, sheep, horse, deer, tiger etc.Not long ago, a new rock engraving was discovered in Kangjia Shimenzi, Hutubi County, in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains. This engraving was quite different from those that have been found before -- all pictures engraved on the big rock showed the form and structure of the human body, and moreover,emphasis was laid on the exaggerated description of human reproduction. This engraving, to a great degree, beautified the human body and showed strong aesthetic charm.

It is really an outstanding art work of the ancient people.
After comprehensive study by concerned experts and scholars, this engraving is believed to be a spiritual product which reflects the early people's worship of
reproduction. The engraving also shows us the strong aesthetic preference of
human beings of early times in respect to sexual love.This rock painting is 180
kilometers from Urumqi in The Tianshan Mountains in Hutubi County. The history of the painting can be dated back about 3000 years ago.You can hire a car to there! The scenery is much better than then mountians of the Heavenly lake. There are majastic mountians facing the rock paintings. It is about 180 kilometers fomr Urumqi. From Urumqi to Hutubi county and then to the road X146 to Queer Gou and about another 40 kilometers off road you will go there.
There is no public bus to go there. It is better hire car with other people. You may also bring the tent to make overnight trip there.