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1,Xinjing Hami melon

2,xinjiang watermelon

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if you do not have good drive one can lose their lives here.;

our drive can make you feel crazy in the desert


Our best car (Land cruiser)   Toyata 4500 is the best for you  to climb mountains and go through  the desert. Our car also can  go to Pakistan and Uzbekstan Kirgizstan and Kazakstan to meet you at the border. Only our car can go accross the  border to meet you. We have this  permission to do it. Please  contact us through email or tele We will be ready to serve you!! With the best land cruiser car, you will get no problem when you travel in 
Xinjiang Silk Road.The Topography in Xinjiang is unique. sometimes the 
Road is very high and sometimes it is very low.and road condition is 
complex. As a guide , I have been to all the places in Xinjiang
The road is always being repaired in some of the area especially in 
mountain roads.experienced driver and tour guide is necessary when you 
want to have better trip in Xinjiang. The red sign on the car plate is allowed to go  abroad.A better Xinjiang and Tibet trip, a 4wd is necessary.
We have many cars with better quality and we just now bought a very good 
and strong Car. Please see my new trip with the best quality entire new 
Toyata car. China tour guide Jason in Xinjiang can meet in any border of China  Taking the best car in Xinjiang you will feel you are riding on a Tiger!!! Xinjiang is place you can see comlicated topography becuase Here you can see second highest peaks in the world and also second lowest places in the world. So Jason recommend you should rent a jeep when you travel to silk road Xinjiang. Especially when you wan to go mountanous area in this peculiar area of the world.We also have lots of tour bus driver and private car dirver who has experience to help you to travel on the silk road. Private car bus drive has more lexiblility for your options when you travel in this seluded area.