Jade is very important things in Chinese Culture.Good Jade(top quality) can be regarded as priceless. Jade is also very good for
people's health that can keep evil away according to chinese medicide theory Ying and Yang Jade is the Yang gem from the Kunlun mountains and belong to Iron element that bring the water good for people's health and etc... Do you know Chinese Five Elements theory? It is water,iron,wood,fire,earth. It is these things formed our world.Please see more five elements theory. It surely make you cool in summer or if you are in hot area of the world!!

Farmers in Xinjiang province in Northewestern China, have found enjoyment in having a jade pillow—just as the ancient emperors did (The Xinhua News Agency). Believe it or not, this county actually exports these jade pillows to other countries. As mentioned earlier, traditional Chinese medicine says that jade is good for one's health. The price per pillow for this health? It costs about $60 US dollars. Who is the target audience for this jade pillow? Most of the people using jade pillows are elder or middle-aged people, for these people in China believe that the fine quality of jade will improve blood circulation to the brain and keep the central nervous system healthy (The Xinhua News Agency). Any confirmed results? A 67-year-old man in this county in China confirmed that after using the jade pillow for nearly one year, black hair started to grow on his head that had been bald for many years (The Xinhua News Agency)!
At the end of 1999, China issued jade souvenirs to commemorate the international year of old persons (The Xinhua News Agency). The jade was designed with elaborate carvings of the tortoise and snake, which are traditional Chinese symbols of health and longevity. By the year 2000 is over, China's aging population will exceed 130 million; by the mid-21st century, China will have about 400 million elderly, the biggest population of old people in the world . In my opnion, the Jade Pillow can be used for anyone want to prolong their life.