he Jade Road is long before the Silk Road, The Jade Road was the preexistence of the Silk Road. The Jade feels heavy and sounds good for the ear and it is clear and rich,As early as the Xia and Shang Dynasty, the Jade had been regarded as treasure.Jade was the totem of the tribe of barbarism at the earliest time and used as wizardry and primitive religion.The jade also used as the decoration for the dignitary and even used as imperial jade seal symbolizing the emperor's power.The Confucianism also regarded Jade as divinity to worship and they thought it has benevolence,righteousness,wisdom,courageous,clean five morals. The Jade was symbol of the valuable things and auspice,blessedness,good health and virtue.and had been widely used in the production,life,and ritual,politic,and virtue and many other area.From The Chinese history record,all the good jade was produced from China Xinjiang Silk Road Kunlun Mountains,the highest mountain range in the world. The Kunlun mountains is also the symbol of the Chinese Nation and It can be regarded as the forefather of the all the mountains in the world.All the places in ancient china 's central plain did not produce the Jade, and only the Kunlun mountains around the Hotan area that produced the Jade so the Jade Road had been formed more than 302,000 years ago.

The beginning of the Jade Road is today's Hotan area in Xinjiang China Silk Road.Hotan is the homn town of the Jade.The eastern Jade Road was from the present day Hotan Area to Lopnur Lake then eastward to Dunhang then to the inland China. The other one was from Hotan to Kashgar,eastward to Kuche, Turpan,Yumen Pass,Jiuquan, and finally to Lanzhou,Xian,Luoyang, and to the Anyang( the anceint capital of China). This ancient trade road moved westward to the Kabul,Yisfrag, then to Baghdad and finally to Mediterranean Sea. Later,it had become the Silk Road.the Jade Road has even more long history and can be traced back to 12,000 years.In today's Xinjiang Silk Road Lopnur Lake area has been excavated the Hotan Jade from 5000-6000 years ago.During the Xia and Shang,Zhou Dynasties, the man called Jade man who was in charge of carving the Jade that the Jade Road had formed about 13 century BC.


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