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karakuli lkae 180 kilometers from Kashgar


kunlun mountains

k2 the world second highest pekas 8611 meters

k2 and surrounding area


Kunlun Mountains:
Kunlun (Kurum) mountains starts from Qinghai-Tibet plateau on the east and joins to Karakurum mountains on the north west. Kongur(7719m) and Muztagh-Ata(7546m)is the first and third highest peaks at its Pamir plateau. Not far from the Kongur peak is the Kongur sister peak 7595 meters from sea level. Among these peaks. Muztagh-Ata become very attractive since it has been approached by Chinese -USSR expedition in July 31th. 1956. Muztagh-Ata means Father of Ice Mountains in Uyghur language.The late May to early September are the best time to make the
summit. The ascent to make the summit needs from 15 to 20 days depending on the profession
al level of climbers but Kongur and its sister
peaks takes 30 toc35days to do the summit.

Muztagh-Ata Expedition:

Day01: Cross over the Turgart Passfrom to Kashgar. Overnight at Kashgar. Option: Crossover the Khunjirab pass from Pakistan.Overnightat Tashkorgan.
Day 02: Drive to Subash. a small pasture 14kms on the south of Karakul lake.Acclimatization.Overnight tent.
Day 03: start the day trek to Muztagh-Ata BC with camels carrying the luggage and equipments. or. tent at BC.
Day 04-19: Summit. Base camp is at analtitude of approximately 4.350m (14.500ft).so time is needed for adaptation to the altitude.We use three camps above base camp up onto the top. Camp1 is at about 5,350m: a steep,stony ascent from BC and right on the edge of the glaciers that blanket the upper 2,000m of the mountain. Camp2.a small shelf in the glacier at about 6.1OOm.There will be 2or3 ascents to camp2. carrying loads for this camp and the one above.This is great for acclimatization and great for the skiers as there is an 800m run back to camp1 with an empty sac. Camp3 at 6.800m. from here. the route to the summit is straightforward till to 7.400m. then after gradual slope slowly becoming gentler and finally the small rise to the summit rocks appears.
Day 20:Camels with staffs be ready at BC today to trek back to Subash(5hours).Then we take
our bus here to drive back to Kashgar. Overnight hotel.
Day 21: Visit to the Mausoleum of a venerated Sufi leader AbakHoja. Mosque Eidkah and Bazaars at its surroundings, Kashgar Market and old part of the town.Overnight Hotel.
Day 22: Breakfast at Hotel then drive to Kyrgyzstan through Turgart pass. Option: Drive to Tashkorgan and next day further drive to Sust at Pakistan.

Trekking Program
Muztagh-Ata Trekking Program:
Day01:ArriveatTashkorganfrom Pakistan over the Khunjirab pass.
Day 02: Drive to Shinde village(25kms)where our pack animals
waiting. The trek today takes about 5 hours to Langar, a wilder place far beyond the nice pasture. Overnight in tent.

Day03:Trek for 10 hours to Chicheklik.Today is the very challenging day with the high altitute of Chicheklik pass (4543m) and low temperature.After the lunch, the trail approaches into flat and finally we get our camping site. Overnight in tent.

Day04:Trek to Janbulak(9kms)Kirghiz area up on the snow slope.It looks
even more excitinq and more difficult to climb(4827m). When we arrive on the top of the pass, a
beautiful lake appears surrounded by snow mountains.

Day 05:Trek over the last mountain pass"Torbulungpass"with the altitude of 4370 meters. After hours trek on the glaciers, we reach the top of the pass then go down to Torbulung river where we camp.
Day06:Trek to Kanshiwa along the Torbulung river.It is an easy trek today, When we reached our campsite, We will see the Muztagh-Ata from the north face.The glacier also looks whiter,cleaner and bigger from this side.
Day07:Trek to Subash village.The trek is easier today although there are few Climbing till to Subash.
Day 08: End the trek then drive to Kashgar (214kms). Check in to hotel. Free pm for relaxation.
Day 09: Visit to the Mausoleum of Abak Ho]o. Mosque Eidkah, Bazaars and old part of the town.
Day 10:Drive to Turgart Pass to exit to Kyrgyzstan. End of the trek.

Trek to K2:
Day 01: Arrive at Urumqi. transfer to hotel.
Day 02:VisitXinjiangMuseum,Grand Bazaar.PMdrive to Turpan. Check into Oasis hotel.
Day03:Visit the ruins of Gaochang ancient city,Tuyuq valley and Bezaklik thousand Buddha caves.
Day04:Visit the ruins of Jiaohe ancient city, underground irrigation system of Turpan K AREZ Wells,Emin minaret.Drive back to Urumqi. Transfer to the flight to Kashgar. overnight Seman Hotel
Day05:Visitto the Mausoleum of AbakHoja,Mosque Eidkah,Bazaars and old part of the town.
Day06:Drive to Yarkand (200kms).Reorganization and do somes hopping for the trek overnight Yarkant hotel.
Day 07: Drive from Yarkant to Mazar Dara (330 km) where pack-animals waiting.
Day08-14:Trekking with pack animals to K2BC.Every day trekking could be around 5-6hours.
Along the way you will ascend the Aghil Pass (4870 m) and ford the swirling waters of Upper Roskam River to the K2 BC.
Day 15-17:Three days trek around the K2 BC.
Day 18-23:Same way trekking back to MazorDora where our jeeps waiting us. Overnight in tent.
Day 24: Drive back to Yarkand along the same road we came. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 25: Visit Mausoleum of Queen Amannisa and Royal cemetery of Yarkand Saeed Kingdom.
On the way stop and visit at Ying'i sar town-homeland of Uyghur knives.
Day26:Full day free forrest and relax at Kashgar.
Day 27: Drive to Tashkorgan with short stop at Opal Village. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 28: Clear the Chinese Customs and immigration then drive to Sust-Check post of Pakistan.