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the mountains that look like a bell in northern xinjiang

north xinjiang tours


Silkroad Tour in north Xinjiang
Tour A:
Day 1: Flight Peking/Urumqi, Arrival in Xinjiang and transfer to Hotel. Breakfast in Hotel, Xinjiang uigur  autonome region ist the largest Province in China, Urumqi ist the captal of xinjiang.  Visit in Urumqi: Province musium which is so famous site on the silk road, for more than 5 well-presered ancient dried corples is displaying here. And other ancient relidts on the Xinjiang Silkroad! Then visit the red Hill which is highest place on the Urumqi city proper.
 (Xinjiang Yilite Hotel****)

Day2:  Drive to Jimusar, on the way visit the Tianchi lake, is the quite beauty lake on the east part of  Mt. Tianshan. And the Kazak nomedic people is living here from past to now. we’ll also visit the local Kazak family on the way.   (Jimusar Guesthaus)

Day3:  Drive to Fuyun, on the way visit Wucaiwan Multicolored Bay, Where is the natural geograghic place in the past millions years, all the hills’ colour’re colourful changeed from light green to deep red, and yellow. on the way to Burqin, we’ll meet the Ertqix River which is the only river flow to the north pole in China.            
(Burqin Lvyou Hotel****)

Day4:   Drive to Kanas Lake. You’ll be amazing with such green and beautirful place on the edge of Cobi and desert. It’ s on the border with the Kazakstan, Russian.(Hongfushengtai Hotel****)

Day5:   Visit Kanas lake and drive back to Burqin.          ( Burqin lvyou Hotel****)

Day6:   Drive to Kuntun, on the way we’ll visit the Ghost city in the Karamay which is named as the “Yadan” between geographers on the world. All the stranged hills shapes is made by the nature in past time.(Kui tun Hoi tak  Hotel****)

Day7:  Drive to Saram Lake, visit the Sayram Lake and Fruit Valley.
          The Sayram is means Blessing in the local Kazak language, is another beauty lake on the Tianshan valley.
(Longling Hotel***)

Day8:  Drive to Turfan                           (Huozhou Grand Hotel***)

Day9:   Visit Karez irrigation system, is one of threee ancient men-made progect in China, Jiaohe Ancient City  which is one of best preserved clay ruin on the world.and Emin Minarete, is  the real Islamic building on the silk road..                                           
Drive to Gaochang Ancient City, it’s  very famous city on the silk road, it’s the Buddhism center in the Tang dynasy , and the capital of ancient Kingdoms. Astana Tombs, the underground museum of Turpan, more than 10,000 ancient relics were unearthed from here. Tuyugou Valley,the peadeful village on the mountain valley, Mr. Von Leqoc was stay here more than 1month on this silkroad expidition in 1910’s.(Huozhou Grand Hotel***)
Day10(Sat):  Drive to Urumqi and Flight to Peking.