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Day1 Hotan - Fly to Hotan from Urumqi URC-HTN CZ6813 16:00-17:35. Transfer to hotel, walk around Hotan city centre.

Day2 Hotan - Visit Sunday Bazaar & the city of Hotan, including markets in cities nearby (find out if any). Visit Hotan Museum, Shatuo Silk Factory and see Jade river diggers. Find nice place to take pictures at sunset.

Day3 Hotan - Continue to visit Hotan & surroundings, including markets in cities nearby (find out if any). Visit Uygur villages in the vicinity and see daily life of people. In the mid-afternon, go toTomb of Imam Asim & Stupa of Rawak (for sunset).

Day4 Hotan/Yutian (Keriya)/Minfeng - In the morning, visit markets around Hotan (find out if any) and along the road during the day. Then drive to Minfeng and visit.

Day5 Minfeng/Kuqa - Cross desert on Highway S165 (Tarim Highway). En route, visit the tomb of Imam Jafer Sadik.Visit ancient city of Subashi at sunset before arriving in Kuqa.

Day6 Kuqa - In the morning, visit Kumtura Thousand Buddha caves. Visit Kuqa and surroundings including Kuqa Grand Mosque, Molena Ashidin Hodja's Tomb, Kizil Thousand Buddha cave & Kizil Kara Buddhist Caves (visits to be continued on the following day).

Day7 Kuqa - Visit Friday Bazaar and continue to visit Kuqa

Day 8 Kuqa/Bayanbulak - Drive on highway 217 to Bayanbulak grasslands. En route, visit Tian Shan Grand Canyon. Then visit Mongol nomads with Merino sheep, horses and yaks.

Day9 Bayanbulak - Spend a day visting Bayanbulak Swan Reserve and grasslands, and meet with Mongol nomads. Horse riding activities also.

Day10 Bayanbulak/Narat/Tekes - Drive to the Narat Grasslands and see nomads and Ili horses. Then drive to Tekes. En route, stop at villages to see daily life and visit. Te kes is  Eight-Diagram ancient city that was derived from Book of Chang Fengshui theories . I t is regarded one of the 3 best Fengshui places in modern china.

Day11  Tekes/Zhaosu/Yining -  Drive through mountains, visit villages and see people's daily lives along the way. Upon arrival in Yining, visit Uygur Cultural Street and Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture Museum. Visit Night Market.

Day12 Yining/Sayram/Shihezi - Drive to Sayram Lake. Drive around the lake to meet with Kazakh nomads and enjoy scenery. Then drive to Shihezi and visit Ziniquan Sheep Farm (Chinese Merino Sheep).

Day13 Shihezi/Turpan - Drive to visit Kangjia Shimenzi rock carvings. Then drive to Turpan. Visit Boiluk valley. Before arriving in Turpan, visit Jiaohe Ancient City at sunset. Kangjia is sex worship rock painting dated back 3000 years ago, You will have ancient sex cultural tours on the northern Silk Road.

Day14 Turpan - Visit Turpan Prefecture Museum, Emin Minaret, Haji Karez Museum & surroundings. Late-afternoon visit Flaming Mountains for best light & sunset.

Day15 Turpan/Shanshan (Piqan) - Visit  Aydingkol Lake first thing in the morning for good light, then Grape Valley, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves (what is the best time to visit?), Gaochang ruins, Tuyoq village (Tuyu Valley) mid-afternoon. Then drive to Shanshan (Piqan) for 4WD adventure in Kumtagh Desert South of Piqan (with local guide) & nice shots of dunes at sunset. O/N Piqan (Shanshan)

Day16 Shanshan (Piqan)/Hami - Drive to Hami. Visit the Tomb of the Hami Kings and the Hami Cultural Office Museum. In the afternoon, visit Wupu (Wupao) ancient tombs, and the Hami Ghost City at sunset.

Day17 Hami/Dunhuang - Drive to Dunhuang. En route, visit the Mingsha dunes. See Crescent Moon Lake at sunset. This is world unesco culture heritage sites.

Day 18 Dunhuang - Visit Mogao Caves & Western Thousand Buddha caves - Mid-aftenoon, go to Yadan National Park for nice evening light on rock formations.

Day 19 Balikun (Barkol)/Mori/Qitai/Jimsar - Visit Barkol ancient city. Pass the Balikun grasslands along the way and meet herder nomads. Visit ancient Beytik city (North of Jimsar) and get to small Qitai Ghost City for sunset. Drive to Jimsar for O/N.

Day 20 Jimsar/Urumqi - Drive to Urumqi. Visit of Urumqi including Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, Shaanxi Mosque, Yanghang Mosque, Erdaoqiao Market. Also visit Hongshan Park and other places of interest if time permits. Transfer to the airport and fly URC-IST CZ 679 23:05-23:45

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