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Xinjiang Great wall amazing peaks that make it difficult to conquer

huge glacier that make Aksu the biggest oasis in Xinjiang.

highest peaks in Tianshan 7400 meters above sea level

magic wood garden


Tianshan magical wood gardenia located in Wensu county in Aksu prefecture in Xinjiang province. It is also called KumishAtar Mazar. It is situated north-west of Wensu country 60 kilometers. It covers area of 600 acre and sea level is 1700 meters..It can be also called the pearl of the Gobi desert.It is the holy cemetery for the saint who propagandized religion here. It also located at the south side of the Tomur peaks,which is the highest peak of the mighty Tianshanmoutnains 7440 metrers above the sea level. Tianshan mountains has divided Xinjiang into two parts. The area to the north of the Tianshan Mountain can be call northern Xinjiang,the area to the south of the Tianshan Mountains' is called Southern Xinjiang.The giant Tianshan serve as natural fortification to defend southern Xinjiang in the ancient time to fight against with Huns coming from the north of the Tianshan mountains. So the Tianshan also can be liken to the great wall in Xinjiang but it is the naturally made great wall to defend people who live in the south of the Tianshan mountains.. So this Garden was also a holy place cemetery for Muslim to pray and to summon people to gather together.
According to legend,a Imam Called SulitankuSaiyide led 2000 followers to arrive western region of china via India to missionize. But the local people had rejected it and the conflicts happened here so that they .retreated in defeat to settle here. Most of the follower and leader SulitankuSaiyide who died during the battles were buried here. The place where they had buried became a cemetery. There are unique trees of all shapes which can find their resemblance in real life creatures. There are also many exotic flowers and herbs. The water flowing with the sound. Everywhere is the shadow of the trees under the scorching sun. Very often the Muslim swarm there to proceed pilgrimage. According to Wensu county records,This place was called Serikeweidu which means the yellow land, namely sterility land. when the leader retreated in defeat to arrive here, followers was very thirsty and tired so Leader SulitankuSaiyide used crabstick that was given by Mohammed when he left Mekka to stick into the wells. The well that he sticked with crabstick effused crystal clear water.and then He sticked everywhere in the garden. So anywhere that he sticked effused water. Moreover miracle happened that all the places with water had transformed into oasis.
8888The long time disrepaired mosque and hundred years old sermon hall,and every mulism culture ruins in garden all make here a mysterious place for everyone to visit. Also of long standing Quicksand river (chinese name Liusha river) depicted in the Chinese classic novel Journey to the west that are well known among the women and child.It also gave the strong mysterious color to the graden. The local people also said that anyone who visited this place 7 times will be equivalent to one time Mekka pilgrimage ..Therefore the garden also can be regarded as small Mekka for local muslim all over Xinjiang.
The surrounding area of the cemetery is Gobi desert and desolate hills.but inside garden one can enjoy the views of the nature,and abundant plants,and traditional minority cultures. There are many kinds of trees like poplar,elm,willows,Chinese ashtrees, almondtrees,and also walnuts.Some of the trees twisted each other.and it stretch to reach the gound.Some of them creep on the ground. It looks like snake and dragon.The biggest tree in the graden is more than 96 meters high.diameters is 7 meters.
The Mazar here not only a plae for worshipping but also famous scenic spots.There are more than 10,000 people come here to vistherer. To protect this palce ,countygovernment has allocated 40.000 rmb and local resident had donated more than 100,000 yuan to have renovated it. As well as they built enclosurewith bricks and sharp iron.. The area has been listed as county level cultural protection unit. And County dispatched administrator to maintain it
888888 Conclusion of my article about Tianshan Mountains' is actually is the extension of the Chinese great wall. Xinjiang has been Strategic importance of china for more than 2000 years old according to history document. It was almost the same time as china began to build the great wall. Why there is no great wall in Xinjiang? I can tell you there is a Great wall in Xinjiang . It is the Tianshan mountains that serverd as great wall to protect the local people. So you can see the Tianshan mountains is the natural great waal that defend Xinjiang especially Southern Xinjiang from nomadic invasion. If you donot belive see one of the Beacon tower built in Kuche not far from Aksu where the highest peaks of the Tianshan mountains are located. Please click to see one of the beacon towers in Xinjiang . It is biggest one. It is the evidence of the great wall of Xinjiang. SEEIN G IS BELIVING
The Graden is locat just at the foot of the Tumur peaks which is the hightest peaks of Tianshan. My classic Xinjiang ten days tours see here