Xinjiang tour guide Jason now has the experience to travel around Xinjiang and You can see the second largest desert in the world and the roof of the world Pamirs the world second highest mountain range Karamkunlun and Aisa's largest and oldest mountains the Kunlun Mountains that regarded as the heaven and paradise to the chinese immortal and chinese Taorist.You may visit the the beautiful lake the dragon lakes and small dragon lakes in the deep Tianshan Mountains and together with the Tianshan mystery grand canyon on the way to the Drangon lakes. and China's second largest thousand buddha caves and earliest thousand buddha caves the Kezil Buddha caves Located in Kuche county once a one of the biggest countries in the western region.
From the ancient Silk Road travel by Jeep all the way up to the roof of the world to enjoy the majestic Kunlun Mt 7719 meters above sea level and Karakul Lake is like mirror in the heaven.To the south of Xinjiang, you may also have a look at the traditional Uygur people and see the jade and carpet home town to enjoy the the desert and snow moutains and get to know the desert living herb that help you to enhance immunity system! At last,do not miss the the second lowest places in the world the Turpan once a very improtant ancient cities on the Silk Raod. The second lowest places is the Aiding Lake 155 meters below sea level is at the right center of the Turpan Basin. A trip to the south of Xinjiang will bring your memory back to the ancient times. Here I listed the 12 days Silk Road tour for individual guest to tarvel by Jeep a good quality Jeep is highly recomended!
During this trip you will see the secomd highest place in the world ans also you can see the second lowest places in the world.

Day1Urumqi to Korla visit Iron Door Pass
Day2 Korla to Kuche visit Tianshan Mystery Grand Canyon and Kezilgaha Beacon Tower
Day 3 Korla to Akesu on the way to see the China's second largest thousand buddha caves and earliest thousand Buddha caves the Kezil Thousand Buddha Caves in Baicheng county,
Day 4 Aksu to Kashgar visit in the city area in the afternoon
Day5 Kashgar to Karakul Lake see the Muztagata 7546 meters and Gonger Peak 7719 meters above sea level.
Day 6 kashgar to Hotan.
Day7 Hotan to mingfeng.
Day 8 Mingfeng to Korla.
Day 9 Korla to Turpan.
Day 10 Turpan visit Flaming mountains, Karez Aiding lake (second lowest place in the world).
Day 11 Urumqi.


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