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Tianshan grand mystery canyon

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inside caves is the best preserved murals in xinjiang

Kuche Aai Caves on the cliff

Hello in this trip you not only see the second highest mountian range in the wolrd but also second lowest places in the world but most mysterious is the Tiamshan Myterious Grand canyon. here belwo is my translation of the chinese document about this canyon.

Day1 Urumqi to Korla visit Iron Door Pass
Day2 Korla to Kuche visit Tianshan Mystery     Grand Canyon and Kezilgaha Beacon Tower。
Day 3 Korla to Akesu on the way to see the China's second largest            thousand buddha caves and earliest thousand Buddha caves the            Kezil Thousand Buddha Caves in Baicheng county,
         the web content at the below is mainly to depict about the this           canyon.
Day 4 Aksu to Kashgar visit in the city area in the afternoon
Day5 Kashgar to Karakul Lake see the Muztagata 7546 meters and            Gonger Peak 7719 meters above sea level.
Day 6 kashgar to Hotan.
Day7 Hotan to mingfeng.
Day 8 Mingfeng to Korla.
Day 9 Korla to Turpan.
Day 10 Turpan visit Flaming mountains, Karez Aiding lake (second               lowest place in the world).
Day 11 Urumqi.

Tianshan mystery grand canyon located southern foot of the mighty Tianshan mountain ranges. It is about 64 kilometer north of the Kuche county. Average sea level of the area is about 1600 meters and highest peak can be about 2048 meters above the sea levels. The grand Canyon is constitute by the groups of the giant rocks and hills. The local Uygur people named it Kerziliya which means the red cliffs.The canyon tends towards from south to north,The end of the canyon twists slightly to the east.The total length of the canyon can be about 5 kilometers.It had been corroded For eons by the wind and water and the mountain torrents.It is one of the peculiar and unusual landscape formed by the nature in china.The features of the canyon can be described as,divinity,odd,sinister,majestic,ancient,and secluded£¬are all combined into one.Since it had been found from 1999,the Canyon adopted the policy that they received tourists at the same time to exploite so that the tourists has been gradually added day by day.The area has been upgraded as 4 star national scenic spots.. The big canyon approximately tend towards from south to north looks like camber in shape. It consists of one main canyon and seven branch canyons.The height difference between the entrance and the end of the canyon is more than 200n meters.The most widest bottoms of the canyon can be 53 meters.but the narrowest area is only 0.4 meters.It can only allow one person to pass through only if one must stoop down and tilted body sideways.At the side of the canyon ,one can see the peculiar and craggy peaks that contend for each other. peaks rising one higher than another. The cliff is peculiar and rocks is precipitous that looks majestic and wonder..Each of the mysteries caves contain different meanings.The paths in the canyon winding and twisting like a snake and the paths running sinuously amidst the peaks.With every steps you move one can see different scenery. It forms delightful contrast.The spring jingles all the time. Bird singing and cicada beeping.The whole canyon is look like a giant dragon that tail of the dragon chop the head of the Tianshan mountains and mouth of dragon drinks the river of Kuche(Kuqa).and the dragon that has 99 bendings crouching their by choping the mountains and also calling the wind and summon the rain and It feels unpredictable and mysterious; Even more amazing is that there only one thousanf Buddha cave hanging on the cliff about 35 meters high located at 1400 meters from the entrance of the canyon. As far as the recordation of writing and painting arts are concerned, It is the only one of its kind and seldomness among 300 thousand Buddha caves that have been discovered.The Tianshan mysterious Grand canyon is located at Kezilia wonderful scenic area that is belong to one of nine biggest Movie and Television Base in China. The giant mountains and peaks were formed 140 million years ago during . cretaceous Mesozoic. Due to it has undergone millions of years of the water and wind erosion so that it had formed crisscrossing ridge and grooves that is layer upon layers. Looking at distance It is like poetic and picturesque as if you were in Potala palace in Tibet. In the year of autumn 1999, when a local Uygur man called Maotudi went to up to the mountains to pick up Chinese herb,he accidently Found this Buddha caves.When he ascended to waist of the mountains.Suddenly the lightning was accompanied with thunder and rained heavily. He was in a dilemma, luckily he found that there is caves on the cliff not far from him at the left side .In order to temporarily seek shelter from rain,he gingerly approached to the entrance of the caves. To his surprise,He unexpectedly discovered a thousand Buddha caves that had never been found before. There are many muds accumulating at the entrance of the caves.Obviously it had been sealed for many years. Due To this area is under the jurisdiction of Aai village in Kuqa(also known as Kuche)county, so the name of the caves are names as Aai caves.Since the caves had been discovered that the tourism of the canyon started . According to the archaeologist, cave were built in the 8 th century 1300 years the mid of the Tang dynasty.The caves is sitting on the north facing the south ...It is about 4.6 meters from south to north. The width is about 3.5 meters. The area is about 16 square meters.The murals and painting on the wall has been partly damaged but not seriously and most of the mural are well preserved and people still can recognize the word from murals . Name of the the donators who were chinese can be seen.That gully reflect the amalgamation of the Chinese and local cultures. Due to Aai cave is located the mystery grand canyon that is secluded from other area and can not easily be climbed and accessed,so that the statue and murals still remains original floweriness color and verisimilitude and splendid during the 10 th century when Buddhism had began to decline. Artistic of the murals can be liken to Dunhuang caves that has same period as the Aai caves has.Aai Buddha caves is the only beset preserved Buddhist caves in xinjiang that has style of Chinese mainland culture. The Tianshan grand mystery canyon is definitely mytery area not only because ther is myery Buddha caves hanging up on the cliff,which is about 3o meters above the ground but also because if you really enter into the canyon and immediately you will feel the mytery as if you were in another planet.