Mysterious Stone Valley scenic famous spot in bole city,the famous scenic mysterious stone valley lies in kapumuzu yi gully 49 kilometres to the northwest of bole in xinjing. it covers an area of over 230 and its elevation is 780-1350 metres.this spot is 18 kilometres long from east to west and 13 kilometres is rated to be one of the mysterious stone groups in the north west of is 26 kilometres from the first step to the alar mountain port,bordering on the aibi lake of dzungarian basin,and 30 kilometres to the west of aibi lake.mysterious stones scenic spot lies in the lower hills of the alatao mountains.the country of kazakistan calls it "kuoyikasi". which means," stones like sheep" in is cut by more than,the brooks. the western brook is the main travel line .it has attracted tourists
from both home and abroad. the mysterions stone gully is divides into two parts. the first is the main scenic spot rea, and then the surrounding area. the main scenic area covers 142 tourists can enjoy seeing these mysterious stones which is 15km long and 3km wide.if tourists go up the brook at the gate of the myslterious stone
mountain,they can also enjoy "elephant gets food","heaven dog watches moon camel walk" ,"stone monkey mother and son","rock of lion body and men faces"andyou can also see a "peacock opens her wing", stone pavilion,buddha caves etc.rccently, more than ten rock pictures named "kuoyitashi rock" were discoreved.the main rock pictures are of hunting and animals.they record
the primitive culture of the nomadic life .eight tujue men's stone tombs were relocated 500 metres from this spot. it is a relativeiy interesting spot to visit.
then there is the surrounding area to view,this is the main winter and spring pasture for the kazak herdsman with an area of bole city which lies at the first step of the second euroasia continetal bridge is the capital of bortala mongolia autonomous prefecture,the topography makes it a unique tourist spot ,and attracts international guests.we sincerely welcome friends from both home and overseas to travel,sightsee,encourage trade and invest in bole city .together we can join hands to create a flourishing 2lth century.


The best way to travel Xinjiang is to hire a landcruiser and self drive in Xinjiang. We can make you success! In this Xinjiang Section I will put more Xinjiang articles from all the places i have been for you to read!!My Name is Jason.The strange stone gully is really strange. You may a lot of peculair stone that resemble sometime alien.Jason is guide hwo has been for more than 10 times.