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scenery in Weizixia area Yiwu

eclipse in xinajing hami Yiwu county

3 years ago we went to the Weizixia in Hami Yiwu too see the solar eclipse and we have seen the total eclipse of the sun and totality continued about more than 10 minutes with American groups. So as a tour guide I can recommend you should go to this place so I will list the itinerary at the below and together with the information I translated form Chinese document about this area.
Day I you take a plane and bus and or tran to arrive in Urumqi
Day 2 Heavenly Lake one day tour
Day 3 our drive will dirve you to Turpan area.visiting Jaohe ancient city and underground irrigation system.
Day 4 drive to Hami on the way to ride camel in Shanshan county.
Day 5 drive to Wezixia to see the nature beaty of this wonderful place.this place                    almost have not much tourist evrything is in nature.stay in nice clean hotel. You will feel you were in another planet.
Day 6 drive to Dunhuang unescoe world culture heritage in Gansu province.
Day 7 end of tour Our drive go back with empty car. You can keep travelling on the silk road with our partners in        Dunhuang.

      As weizixia area is not very popular scenic spots in Xinjiang. But I think this place is great place for tourist to see the beautiful nature of Xinjjiang Tianshan mountains.Wezixia is located at 35 kilometers north of the Yiwu County area.It is so name Weizixia because the Weizixia is just between the gully of the mountains and everywhere in the valley the reed and wild almond trees can be found easily.There is water in the river during four seasons even in winter times.There are many Salix lanifera living in the banks of the rivers and also abundant grass. There also many wild apricot t and trees are luxuriant. The clear stream is rapid. Scenery is elegancy. Especially a place called Youledun,which is 11.3 kilometers of village government. This place is the small basin located at hilly area and it is about 2 square kilometers. There is a small reservoir down there. Surrounding area of that palce are living wth many Chinese Tamarix and reeds, phoenix tree,and brushwood Latin names should be Nitraria tangutorum Bobr. And Zygophyllaceae.Climate is quite amenity.Sometimes you even can smell the fragrance of the melons.Not only one can see the whisht of the greenness but also you can see view of the Extensive desert.All The plowland of the Weizixia village are concentrated at valley the lower reaches of the Yiwu river. There are more than ten thousands of wild apricot trees distributed all over the valley. The oldest apricot trees can be 200 years old.Every year from spring time when the flower of the apricot blossom out to the autumn when trees are covered with sweet fruits that attract numbers tourists to come.but actually this place are not many tourist from other province of china or foreigner and mainly for local tourist. So Jason strongly recmend that you should go there to visit.The best time to visit there is April and may annually.During this time , the flower of the apricot trees bloom.The thousands of butterflies forgather in the valley and dancing elegantly.That all makes people relaxed and happy.So people will have much more enjoyment and forget to go back home ...The visitors can fully appreciate natural views that combines the mountains and waters and people and trees and flowers and butterflies.