China Xinjiang Snow Lotus and Glossy Ganoderma Wine

Glossy ganoderma,the chinese medicine regarded as elixir of life
you will have long life with the wine and 2 Jade cups as the gift to make you long life!!
1. Glossy ganoderma:

Glossy ganoderma was reputed as the ¡°elixir of life¡± since ancient times, and is a rare and traditional Chinese medicine in China. With regarding the efficacy of glossy ganoderma, it was recorded that ¡°it showed the efficacy in curing the deaf, beneficial to joint, refresh oneself, good for preserving the vigour, strengthen the physique, have a rosy complexion, antisenile, prolong life, curing the consumptive disease and the haemorrhoids¡±. These efficacy was demonstrated by the pharmacological investigation nowadays.

2. Effects of polysaccharide:

The glossy ganoderma contains various active ingredients, which include the glossy ganoderma polysaccharide, triterpenoid compounds, adenosine and natural organic germanium. The glossy ganoderma polysaccharide produced in Company is extracted from the fruit body, it contains the glucan that includes the ? ¨C(1¡ú3 ) glucoside as the main chain and the ? ¨C(1¡ú4) and ? ¨C(1¡ú6) glucoside bond as the branch chain. Besides, it also contains the triterpenoid substances, which possess the activity of regulating the non-specific immune function of organism and promoting the production of immunocyte factor as well as stimulating the activity of DNA polymerase a in lymphocyte. Thus showing the effectiveness of preventing, curing and inhibiting the tumor of organism. It also used in strengthening the health, anti-allergy, regulation of blood-pressure, liver protecting and detoxicating, anti-tumor etc. It is applied as the supplementary medicine in those diseases, such as acute and chronic hepatitis, neurasthenia, coronary heart disease, bronchitis and leukocytopenia.

Snow lotus

Snowlotus is a perennial herb and grows in crevices in the rocks scattered at
snow level above 3000 meters elevation. Owning to the low temperature.snows
will not be melt in spring and autumn.So property of snowlotus is lukewarm
and it tastes little bit bitter with functions or relieving shills,enhance the Yang. Regulating the men's situation and staunching.It is a good selection to present to relatives and friedns.tobe recovered and to strengthen the body.
Functions:rheumatic pain relieve. Menstrual flow stimulate.muscles strengthen and yang tonic Indications:rheumatic arthritis, cough, dysmenorrhea, abnormal menstruation, amenorrhoea and impotence.

Look at the the picture above the wine is at the left.One set is 2 bottle with 2
Jade cups,white Jade cup. this healthy products only cost about 80 USD including
snow lotus,high mountain rose,xinjiang rose