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karakuli lkae 180 kilometers from Kashgar


kunlun mountains

city center kashgar Aidiqar Mosque


Urumqi And Kashgar Discovery Tour

6 days tour will take you to the most important and charming sceneries in Urumqi and Kashgar. You will visit many enchanting sites, such as The Erdaoqiao Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar Minority Nationalities and Oytagh Glacier. On arrival at Lake Karakuli, you will stay overnight in the Yurt, which is a traditional dwelling of nomadic tribes. This is a real culture experience and will highlight your trip.
Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1
Place & Transport: Arrive in Urumqi, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Urumqi)
Day 2
Place & Transport: Urumqi to Kashgar, Flight No. TBA
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Urumqi), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Kashgar), Hotel to airport Transfer (Urumqi), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Urumqi), Erdaoqiao Market, Xinjiang Museum
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Jiamu Restaurant
- Erdaoqiao Market: The Erdaoqiao Bazaar is the largest in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine. On Sunday, there are more stalls and more goods to buy than any other day. The old streets around the bazaar are really worth seeing.
- Xinjiang Museum: Xibei Road of Urumchi,Provincial Level Comprehensive Hitorical Museum
- Jiamu Restaurant : Jiamu is a nationalistic style restaurant, mainly providing Uygur cuisine but no wine allowed while dining. The restroom is in good decoration and there is a short time for live performance during lunch time. Due to some problem for communication as the working staff are Uygur and the higher expense there is few chances to cater to groupsí0ˇ(0ˇ(˘ p0Úˇ((ˇ(˘ p(0■ˇ( ˇ(˘ p Úˇ((ˇ(˘ p(( úˇ(ˇ(˘ pÚˇ((ˇ(˘ p( ■ˇ( ˇ(˘ p Úˇ((ˇ(˘ p((
Day 3
Place & Transport: Kashgar
Today's Activities: Zhiren Street, Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar Minority Nationalities Kindergarten, Livestock Market
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Orida Culture Restaurant
- Zhiren Street: It is close to Id Kah Mosque, an old street with an amazing range of goods being crafted for sale by hand , from strictly utilitarian cookware to exotic musical instruments. There's not much light industry in Kashgar, so everything is hand-made or imported from a very distant place. Copper, metal, porcelain, woodwork, jewellery and other goods are seen to be made and you will marvel at incredible devices like the wooden objects that prevent babies from wetting the bed.
- Id Kah Mosque: This 15th century mosque is one of the largest and busiest in China. As you stroll under the trees in the pleasant courtyards, you glimpse the strength and care of the local community. At midday on Fridays around 10,000 people will gather to pray and study the Koran, and prayer 5 times/day on other days. You'll be asked to remove your shoes before entering the Main Hall, which has traditional Islamic pillars,carvings and rugs strewn over the floors. Women are adviced to cover upper arms and legs, a scarf is not compulsory, but is seen as a mark of respect.
- Kashgar Minority Nationalities Kindergarten: These enchanting children, 2-6 years old of age, are mainly Uighur and other local groups. They learn to read and write Uighur and Chinese, as well as dancing and singing. Sometimes they dress in traditional costume for performances, other days you will find them practising. Be warned - they LOVE you to join in at the end,with enthusiasm! If you take any gifts (eg pencils, books etc) please give them to the teacher rather than directly to the students.
- Livestock Market: Streets near this big market are choked on Sundays with farmers and buyers arriving by donkey cart, truck, bicycle, horseback, ute, motorbike or on foot, with their animals. It's loud, lively and cheerful as they arrive, eat breakfast, set up their animals and check out the action. Cattle, sheep (they definitely look different), goats, donkeys, horses have their own sections; sellers show their animals are "good eaters"(most go as livestock not meat) and the entire experience is fascinating and fun.
- Orida Culture Restaurant : It is an authentic Uygur restaurant mainly providing Uygur cuisine in local. With a great prestige it attracts a large number of tourists for enjoying Uygur culture during peak season. The restroom is in normal condition, no wine allowed while dining.
Day 4
Place & Transport: Kashgar
Today's Activities: Lake Karakuli
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
- Lake Karakuli: A sparkling glacial lake, surrounded by stunning rocky mountains, and snow-covered peaks as high as 7500m (the lake's at 3,600). After eating in one of the collection of yurts at the water's edge you can walk around the lake (about 4 hours), or take a ride by pony, camel or motorbike, or just enjoy the scenery before returning to Kashgar. Camping is available in the yurts (best to come well prepared), and longer treks available by arrangement.
Day 5
Place & Transport: Kashgar
Today's Activities: Oytagh Glacier, Visit a local Keerkezi Family
Meals: Chinese Lunch
- Visit a local Keerkezi Family: Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience the life, customs and food of the Keekekezi local people in their ancestral homeland. Have tea and snacks with the family as they welcome you to their world.
Day 6
Place & Transport: Kashgar to Urumqi to Departure City, Flight No. TBA, connect Flight not included
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Kashgar)
Meals: Breakfast