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Heavenly gate in south Xinjiang Artux county

Heavenly gate in south Xinjiang Artux county

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The Artux Heavenly Gate is located on the south of part of the Tianshan Mountians range ,west of Artux village,Artux city, Kizillesu prefecture and has the distance of 75km to Artux City. Recently it has been selected as one of the 25 most scenic adventures of the world by American Exploration Magazine ,According to historical records, The American reporter Hiaheragou had the tour accompanied by the Ugyue guide Usmanahon in 1932, the English explorer Shipton also had safari here in 1947.
Coming to Artux Heavenly Gate ,you should pass through 18 kilometers Gobi desert,climbing the steep cliffs and walking along a flood of erosion and river gravel to reach more narrow ways. And entering into the crevice of the canyon that only allowed only one person to pass you raise your head here you can only see the a thin strip of the sky. That people commonly called blues line or Chinese Yixiantian which means that sky look like only one line of strip.After passing through canyon ,thereis a very wide way,that is stome mountains and Heavenly Gate,which present"U" shape with the width of 100 m and height of 500 meter. It is paradise of the tourists and explorers for its uncanny and natural workmanship. Even more amazing is the thickness of it can not be easily measured. Not only looks majestic and precipitous but also even more tranquil, deep and serene,mysterious. Here you can also hear the echo if you speak here.and anyone who speaks here will definitely hear the echos. On the right side of the cliffs ,thereis small small natural caves that looks like honeycomb.On the left side of the cliff,one can see variation of the different rock formation that looks peculiar. Here is ideal place for people to go rock climbing but only best climber with good technique can stay here to go rock climbing because the topography here is very precipitous.